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Antimicrobial Protection.

About Fosshield

Fosshield® is made in the USA by Foss Manufacturing, LLC, a leader and pioneer in the engineering and production of non-woven fabrics and specialty synthetic fibers. The key to the effectiveness of Fosshield® is the unique combination of silver and copper ions, which are incorporated into the fiber and naturally attack the microbes. The Fosshield® ions bind to any microbes that may be present on the fiber and disable their critical functions (metabolism, respiration, and reproduction).

The silver and copper ions in Fosshield® are proven to prevent the growth of microbes on the surface of a treated product. Fosshield® is the technology incorporated in the FDA cleared SpectraShield™ 9500 N95 surgical respirator mask. In the FDA testing, Fosshield® began microbe prevention immediately and eliminated 99.99 percent of certain odor-causing bacteria after one hour of contact with the respirator surface.

Fosshield® is a highly-effective antimicrobial technology that is well-suited for many industries, including automotive, apparel, construction, consumer, healthcare, home, hospitality, and retail. Because Fosshield® can be incorporated into nearly any fabric, polymer, or rubber, it can be applied to an almost endless list of products where odor-causing bacteria and deteriorating-microbial growth is not wanted, including clothing, footwear, carpeting, wall covering, bedding, pillows, furniture, HVAC air filters, surgical respirator masks, medical scrubs, and automobile interiors.